What’s the buzz?

Is a line from Jesus Christ Superstar but a question I am sometimes asked by people ‘not in the trade’.

Why would I rush towards wanting to spend 9 hours on a small metal tube with hundreds of people I don’t know, screaming children and a dodgy chicken dish in some kind of zapable sauce?

Ok the opportunity to sit on the balcony of a 5 star hotel, drinking fizz and watching the sun setting behind snow capped mountains with fellow travellers with similar experiences has an appeal.

No, the buzz comes from planning and executing a really excellent event that blows the guests and the client away.

It comes from thinking through every aspect of taking 80+ people all of who are experienced travellers and consumers of high end luxury hospitality to exciting destinations such as Vancouver and the upper Pacific mainland and impressing this tough audience.

What’s the buzz? Doing all this, doing it not just well but exceptionally well…. oh yes and make a few quid along the well….

So I wait for my flight with some sense of glee…. there is a glorious opportunity to delight, this trip is one more step towards that goal…


About hallowjack

A bloke who wanders around the world from time to time.
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