Finally the penny drops….

It’s not that I haven’t been sleeping well, I have. But there has been an ‘air’ that has kept me if not on edge then a little sharp.

Then of course the penny dropped. Over the years I have done many things but probably at heart I am an Event Manager. For those of you who are Event Managers, know an Event Manager or lives with an Event Manager will know that as a breed we are compelled to behave in a certain way. To tidy the untidy, to plan incessantly, to constantly think about ‘what next’. There must be something a little odd about people who arrive at a restaurant, bar, cinema or an amazing vantage point with stunning views over the sea, water or mountains and whose first instinct is to think about…. what happens next? how will we leave? by what means? where do we need to get to, by when? Yes that is an event manager.

So when that most precious of all things, one of our children decides to embark on a trip that involves four times zones, eight flights, two ferries, two separate drives of a best part of a 1,000 miles and a raft of airport to town and town to airport transfers and doing all of this +4, +10, +10.5 and +11 hours from the UK…. no wonder I have felt a little wired….the desire to dabble is almost irresistible….ok I will fess up… delete the word ‘almost’.

Oh well….


About hallowjack

A bloke who wanders around the world from time to time.
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