I want to go to sleep….

I started this trip last Sunday needing to stay awake, now exactly one week later I am in exactly in the same situation, in the same location but for different reasons. It has been a long week, some amazing experiences, awesome food (I am in North America I feel empowered to be able to use the word ‘awesome’) and met some pretty cool people (for use of the word cool see comment re awesome…).

Tomorrow I go home, but not until the evening, I want to go to sleep but need to stay up to check in a little later, but sleep is not really any option. The same problem arises just last week – sleep early,  wake early…

Had a good wander around Gas Town and Yale Town yesterday,  Granville Island today, walked a good few miles and developed a much better understanding of the geography moving around on my own. Spent the afternoon trying to write up my notes, observations and developing some recommendations for a viable solution. About two hours ago the brain started to turn to mush so I quit turned on the TV and started to watch baseball. The crowd is making quite a racket, KC appear to be beating LAA 8 to 2 and they are going into the 7th…. what ever that means…

I have stuff to do, but not now, now is wrong. I should have time tomorrow – an experience to try and a last night party to see and then I have some time before needing to go to the airport.

I want to go to sleep, but not quite yet!







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